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Causes Of Bullying

Causes Of Bullying – Reviewing facts about bullying, bullying effects on society through bullying research  

Cyber Bullying Articles

Cyber Bullying Articles - Causes Of BullyingChris Bennetts author of Cyber Bullying and Stalker Guide has been a victim of a stalker for five years . Cyber Bullying and Stalker Guide provides facts about bullying and cyber bullying articles.

Chris is here to help other victims deal with all forms of online harassment. As a victim he understand the impact it can have on peoples lives but more importantly he’s coming from a technical background and has experience than most to provide practical advice and support.

With over 30 years experience in IT working as a computer operator, application programmer, help desk manager, project manager and consultant. Chris, also a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. More recently I have been working in the areas of online marketing, search engine optimization and internet security.
For over the past six months Chris has been putting together what I believe is one of the most comprehensive guides available dealing with online harassment.

Cyber Bullying and Stalker Guide Also Comes In German Language. The title of the German version will be “Cyber Mobbing” and Guenther

Cyber Bullying VS Traditional Bullying

Bullying has long been a issue in school but was usually confined to the school yard or the hallway. Technology makes bullying even easier than it was before with electronic mail, chat rooms, and an abundance audience online. There was a time when all bullying happened face to face but now with the world wide web, children can bully each other through popular communication methods even without transparency. Traditional bullies always had to let their victims see them and could only gain the support of friends who were around. Cyber bullies can humiliate, threaten, and belittle their victims without their identity being known, or they can have an audience of thousands. Cyber bullies are becoming more and more common as children use these communication methods more and more in their daily lives.

Cyber bullies can coward behind a computer and say things that they can not in front of other people in chat rooms, IM’s and on websites. This allows children to be much meaner than they traditionally could. Things that they could not say in front of adults and even other children are now easily said online. Cyber bullying is potentially an even bigger threat than traditional bullying because the potential for damaging statements is even greater. Traditional bullies could only reach an audience of the other children around, with the internet hundreds of children can gang up on a single child.

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Cyber bullying is also easier to do than traditional bullying. All it takes is a few key strokes and a cyber bully can humiliate their target. Children are less inhibited when online and it is not as hard to bully when it is over a computer. Traditional bullies had to have the courage to physically bully another child or at least use comments to their face. Cyber bullies have to use much less effort and can be more impulsive.

Traditional bullies could only act out on their victims when they saw them. This confined bullying to school and places that children interacted face to face. Cyber bullies can bully others any time as cell phones and computers are both at home and at school. Traditional bullies could not hurt others at home, but with cyber bullies, home is usually where bullying occurs via the computer. This leaves no safe place for the targets of bullying to go as computers are essential nowadays for completing schoolwork and communicating with friends.

Even though emails and messages are easy to stop, cyber bullies is not as easy to stop as traditional bullies are. Derogatory and hurtful comments posted online and shared between people are impossible to stop and can potentially reach an unlimited number of people. Once a comment is posted online it can reach an unlimited number of people and the ramifications can be huge. Stopping a traditional bully was relatively easy with the right preventative measures, but the anonymous nature of the internet makes it impossible.

There are many differences between cyber bullies and traditional bullies but both types are serious issues. Bullying negatively affects both the bully and the victim and if not stopped can cause serious long term damage and lead to depression.


There are lots of organizations out there that provide emotional support to victims and provide general advice but very few give any real practical advice on how to effectively deal with online harassment. If you want counseling and emotional support visit one of these excellent organizations but If you want to know how to take action to put an end to the harassment and get your life back then read on…

There is actually a lot that can be done by a victim to counter online harassment and some of it is not very obvious or easy to find out about.

Cyber Bullying and Stalker Guide

and much more…

Get Your Copy of Cyber Bullying and Stalker Guide



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Causes Of Bullying – Bullying Solutions

Causes of Cyber Stalking Cyber Bullying

Click here to find out what’s inside the Anti-Bully Store is about.

Causes of Bullying - Bullying SolutionsHey, Bruce here. Thanks for visiting and reading my post at Causes Of Bullying – Bullying Solutions. One bullying solution I found is the Anti-Bully Store. The Anti-Bullying Store is based on the work, over the last 28 years, of Dr. George Thompson.

Dr. Thompson received a B.A. from Colgate University (1963) and a Masters and Doctorate in English from the University of Connecticut (1972), and completed post-doctoral work at Princeton University in Rhetoric & Persuasion (1979).

In 1983, after 10 years as a university professor and five years as a part-time police officer, Dr. Thompson formed the Verbal Judo Institute to train police officers how to prevent and de-escalate verbal confrontation, the starting point for almost all physical violence.

If you haven’t discovered the Anti-Bully Store yet, click here!

Anti Bully Store - Manage Bullying

Ways To Prevent Bullying

The mission of the Anti-Bullying Store is to ensure that all children are treated with dignity and respect by:
Teaching children how to “bully-proof” themselves
Helping parents understand how to effectively intervene in bullying situations

What they do?
Verbal Defense & Influence, a global speaking and training organization focused on maximizing human interaction
Martial Arts Marketing Network, a global association of martial arts schools focused on child character development
Vistelar Group, a global speaking and training organization that brings together the very best experts in their given field – with a focus on the fundamentals of human interaction and their real-world application.

Mr. & Mrs. Pruscha – Parents
We just got done with a Manage Bullying class and we were very impressed by it!
Martial arts tells you that fighting is the last resort and Manage Bullying helps you to diffuse situations so they do not escalate to fighting. We have 2 daughters, Sarah and Erin. These are skills that will help both of both of them to get through middle school and even high school safely. One of the reasons that my children are in taekwondo is to learn to defend themselves. Manage Bullying teaches them what to do when conflict arises

Remember, Bullying — whether verbal or physical — hurts a great deal. It wounds self-esteem and, if unaddressed, bullying effects can escalate to where it results in severe emotional and physical injury. No child deserves to be tormented in bullying games.

Click here to teach your child about bullying solutions.

You’re probably asking yourself, this is all good. But, what if someone is cyber bullying or cyber stalking me? Luckily, after searching through bullying websites — I stumble upon a guide for this situation. “Cyber Bully and Cyber Stalking Guide.”

Cyber stalking testimonial

Click here to deal with all forms of online harassment.



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Bullying Worksheets – Tips For Teachers

Causes of Bullying - SchoolAddressing A Bullying Victim

Bullying is all too common in schools today. It is also a problem that should not be taken lightly; bullying can have serious consequences. Children bully for many reasons and sometimes it resolves itself and other times permanent damage can be done to bullying victims. Because of the possibility of physical and emotional injury, all cases of bullying must be taken seriously.

Teachers are often the first adults to realize that emotional bullying is occurring because they can observe children interacting. Helping a bullying victim can be a sensitive matter, but both bullies and bullying victims must be dealt with to ensure that the bullying stops. If you are a teacher or caregiver, there are some tips and bullying solutions you can use to help a bullying victim.

You should let the bullying victim know that you care about them and are concerned about what is happening. At the same time, being overly sympathetic especially in front of others can be counter productive. Do not try to discuss the problem with a bullying victim until you are alone or not in the presence of any other children.

Ask that the bullying victim tell you exactly what is happening and reassure them that their feelings are normal and that it is not their fault. Let the bullying victim know that talking about their problem to your and their parents will only help the situation and is the right thing to do. Give the bullying victim tools and information to cope with and prevent further bullying issues. Check with your Principle or Head Master to see if bullying worksheets are appropiate. Follow up with role playing bullying lessons.

Talking to the parents of the bullying victim is also important. Parents and teachers working together is the best way to stop bullying and help a bullying victim. You should also speak with the parents of the bully so that they can address the problem at the cause. Explain what is happening in a non-confrontational manner and dispel any misunderstandings about bullying that parents may have. Many parents think that bullying is normal and is no big deal, but once they know how serious it can be they will be more concerned.

You should give parents tools and information to help them address bullying issues with their child. Teachers play an important role in preventing and solving bullying problems. Both the bullying victim and the bully should be counseled on ways to deal with their problems to prevent bullying in the future.

Bullying is a very common problem that children face, and eventually you will have to deal with it head on. Remember that it is a touchy subject with most children and they may be reluctant to talk about it. Because bullying can turn into a serious problem, it should not be ignored. Do your best to reassure the bullying victim and make the bully aware that their actions are not acceptable and can have serious consequences. Parental involvement is also important and can go a long way to solve the problem. Addressing both the bullying victim and the bully in a timely fashion is the best way to curtail bullying in your school.

Thanks to, you can download this “Bullying Worksheet.” It requires you to think about the four types of bullying and provide your opinions about dealing with bullying.

Bullying Worksheets

It’s Time To Take A Stand To Bullying!



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Causes Of Bullying – Bullying Effects

Causes of Bullying - Effects of bullyingWhy Do People Bully?
There are a several of reasons why people bully. According to Bullying Statistics:
Cultural Causes of Bullying, in a culture that is fascinated with winning, power, and violence, some experts suggest that it is unrealistic to expect that people will not be influenced to seek power through violence in their own lives. Researchers point to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) as glorification of bullies in the name of entertainment and point out that the high rate of domestic violence means that many young people grow up expecting that violence is an acceptable way to get what one wants. The statistics on bullying in the United Stats show that about one in four kids in the U.S. are bullied on a regular basis — according to bully statistics.

You may have read or heard about kids bullying. Emotional bullying negatively affects both the child being victimized and the child who is the bully. There are always short-term affects and if the bullying is severe enough there can also be long term effects. Children who are bullied can suffer from low self esteem and other emotional problems and children who do the bullying are much more likely to have problems with substance abuse later in life. Bullying should not be taken lightly as it can cause severe problems for all the children involved.

Being bullied is a very stressful ordeal for children. Many bullying victims are reluctant to talk about their experiences making it even harder to help them. While it is possible for children to learn to ignore and not be bothered by bullying, they are usually stressed out when bullying attacks occur. The victims of bullies often loose self esteem, start having trouble in school, and withdraw from friends and activities. If it is not stopped and continues for long enough, children can suffer these problems permanently.

Bullying cause victims to suffer from long-term effects of bullying if it was severe enough. Bullying victims are more likely to have social and depression issues later in life. Children who were constantly bullied may have a hard time forming friendships and fitting in with others throughout their lives. Most bullying victims suffer no long-term effects of bullying but it can happen if nothing is done to prevent the bullying early on.

Why bullying? Bullies usually have their own problems that cause them to pick on others and if they are allowed to continue bullying these problems may never be resolved. Bullies often have friends but these relationships are destructive and only help to perpetuate bullying. The effects of bullying on bullies are usually frequent trouble in school and at home. Bullies can also suffer long term problems if they are allowed to continue bullying others.

Bullies who are not stopped early can suffer from long term effects. A bully who is never taught appropriate ways to deal with their problems will most likely continue being aggressive and bullying others into their adult life. Bullies are also more likely to commit crimes and be involved in illegal activity when they get older. Bullies will often have a hard time making friends and maintain friendships as the friends who support bullying are not quality relationships to be in. Bullies may never learn how to effectively problem solve if they are given other ways to respond when the bullying problem first arises.

While most cases of bullying do not result in any long-term effects, the painful memories of bullying can cause victims problems in the future. For bullies, the inability to cope with problems in a healthy way may lead to serious trouble in the future. Because the possibility exists for these types of problems, bullying must be taken seriously and dealt with accordingly. It is important to stop bullying early so both the bully and the victim do not suffer from any long term affects. Tips for Teachers addressing bullying victims.

Bullying has become such wide problem, this is one a few bullying websites to start a campaign to “” Belden Motorsports are very excited to do their part and help spread awareness to stop bullying through donations and awareness.



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